All about me!

My name is Rachel Nelson and I am  in my mid-twenties and I am extremely passionate about events (as I am sure you can see by now)! I am very creative and the field of events allows me to use this creativity in a business setting. I have always enjoyed things like decorating, try new foods, traveling and learning new skills and being an event co-ordinator has allowed me to become a Jack of all trades.

In my free time I enjoy going to different social events from festivals and trade shows to dancing until dawn in Toronto’s newest club. 2014 will be an extremely exciting year for me because I am marrying my best friend, which also means planning my first wedding. We will see if my event planning skills will be an advantage or disadvantage in the wedding world. Anyways that is enough about me for now, but follow my blog to see how an event co-ordinators life is never dull and always full of new adventures!

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Follow me on Twitter: @RachelMyra2012


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